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Wet Luxe DIY Lash

Wet Luxe DIY Lash

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Introducing our Wet Luxe DIY lash set, featuring 24 clusters of lashes ranging from 10-16mm in length for voluminous eyes. The D curl design gives you that fresh out of the salon look, while the wet-look style adds a touch of glamour to your everyday appearance. These clusters provide a softer, more modern, and hydrated lash look, with their super fluffy and lightweight texture.

Achieving this desired look is as easy as following three simple steps. Lash maps using normally 4-6 lashes per lid. First, apply bond glue at the base of your lash lid. Then, apply the lash under your lash, right above the waterline. Style at your liking! Finally, seal the lashes by running the sealant along the glued area. Enoy your lashes for up to 5-7 days!

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